It's the opportunity of a lifetime! You, a novice adventurer, have received news that an abandoned dragon's lair has just been discovered in the mountains. It's a veritable gold rush. Will you be the one who fights their way past the monsters and finds the dragon's hoard? 

Of course. Jump, run, and fight your way to riches. Just be careful with the magic items scattered around the area. There are some... side-effects.

This is a project for the Transformation Game Jam 2022 that, ah, didn't quiiiite finish in time. I hope you enjoy it still, recycled assets and all.

If you encounter technical issues then re-loading the game (via the Pause menu) should usually get you out of a soft-lock. 

You may also have to disable fullscreen mode if you run into a problem, because for some reason that I don't understand, object positioning is very subtly different in windowed mode.

Please download a native build if you can, the web version might experience performance issues. Also, gamepad support isn't always so great.

Controls are listed in-game, and in the readme, but here they are again for easy reference. You can also use your MOUSE to CLICK ON STUFF in the menus.

Keyboard controls can be changed in-game.

MoveD-Pad left or right
Left analog stick
A and D
Left/right arrow key
JumpBottom face button (likely A)J
InteractD-Pad up
Left analog stick up
Up arrow key

Melee attackPress right face button
(likely B)
Press K
Ranged attackPress upper or right face button
(likely X/Y)
Press L

Menu/PausePress STARTPress F12
MapHold down SELECT or BACK
( whatever button is next to Start)
Hold down M

Advance dialoguePress bottom or right face button
(likely A/B)
Press J or K
Left click also works
Skip cutscene
Press STARTPress F12

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsComedy, Dragons, Fantasy, Furry, kobold, Metroidvania, Short


[Current version] 43 MB
[Current version] 43 MB
[Jam version] 43 MB
[Jam version] 43 MB

Install instructions

Download the archive, extract, and run.

Development log


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Can I ask about the food? I don't know if it's just me but I can't interact with the food.

Hey there! The food is not interactive, it's just there for decoration. For a future update I'll have to think of a way to make that clearer.

There is a switch platform at the start what switch turns it on

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you have to get the treasure 1st


Yea I was able to figure it out after a hour making the comment. I forgot to edit the comment.



Pretty neat! Had a lot of fun playing the post-jam version, reading about the different transformations, and trying to find the different endings. Only found two of them, so I'm trying another run later. Nice game!


It's fun for the most part only problem i really had with it was that the controls were really weird but ither than that it was pretty good.

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Pretty fun! The transformation scenes were all great, and the abilities gained from them were well implemented. I'm pretty sure I've seen all three four endings!

What's the intended method of getting from the tightrope area to the final room? I ended up using the fire grenade's explosion knockback to clip through the rope above the platform, but that didn't feel like it was the way you meant for that section to be solved.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The intended method actually is to take damage - getting hit knocks you off the rope even if you have the balance upgrade. You can blow yourself up with a grenade or you can just run into the critter that's standing there.


Ah, thank you!

How do you get the dragon tf?


It's been a little while, so this might be wrong.

(Encoded to avoid spoilers, paste into

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