18+ only, thanks. If possible, please download and run locally. The web build is functional, but it doesn't run as well as the native ones. In particular it has some trouble with framerate, scrolling and sound playback.


This game is horny for drones, robots, mind/body control, and THE FUTURE. 

TRANSUBSTANTIATION SYNTHESIS is a work of futurology. What will the world of tomorrow look like? Which trends are currently in place, and what do they mean for us? 18+ only, thanks.

Content note

This game contains no outright sexual content, but plenty of lewd text and some sound effects. The game works on an "assumed consent" basis - i. e. consent is given by you, the player, and not necessarily your avatar. 

Bodies and minds are messed with in a variety of ways. There is some 'meta' content in here. Robots and other cybernetic things are involved.

Further information

  • Controls: Mouse, keyboard (occasionally, optionally)
    • Left click on empty space to move there. Camera will scroll automatically if needed.
    • Cursor will turn into a hand shape while over an object, character or hotspot that can be interacted with.
      • Left click to walk over to the entity.
      • Right click to examine the object, character or hotspot.
      • Double click to interact with / talk to the object, character or hotspot. Specific action depends on context.
      • When interacting with characters, aim towards the center or a little below, the collision shapes don't really extend all the way to the top (I'll fix this once the jam is over).
    • Text can be advanced or dismissed by left-clicking on it, or by pressing the space bar. It will eventually advance on is own, too.
      • Dialogue boxes can be advanced or dismissed by left-clicking on the appropriate button.
      • You may have to select an option first, for which you should use the mouse. Or TAB/SHIFT-TAB, if you insist.
  • Known bugs and issues:
    • There is a problem in Godot Physics 2D with very fast mouse movement speeds (https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/43743).
      • This will sometimes lead to the cursor not changing over hotspots if the mouse is moved very quickly.
      • You can always move your mouse out of the game window and back in, that should clear up any lingering problems.
      • Interacting with hotspots also still works if this glitch happens, and it can be avoided with slower mouse movements.
    • It's best not to mess with the window too much while the game is doing stuff. The mouse controls can sometimes glitch out if you change the size or maximize/minimize too much.
  • Voice actors
  • Other notes
    • The dialogue in this game is in Esperanto. Some of it is garbled nonsense, the rest is taken from Zamenhof's translation of Hamlet ("Hamleto, Reĝido de Danujo").
    • If you speak Esperanto, I apologise, because this must be very confusing.

Install instructions

Download the right archive, unpack and run.  If the web build doesn't work, please download the one for your platform.


ts_lnx_1.01.zip 42 MB
ts_win_1.01.zip 40 MB
ts_mac_1.01.zip 43 MB
ts_lnx_v1.zip 42 MB
ts_win_v1.zip 40 MB
ts_mac_v1.zip 43 MB

Development log


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This game was wonderful, I especially loved the part where it overwrites your whole profile and then forces you to click accept on your new drone life. Very good game, a0b8 approves.


Quite a nice game; well made, no bugs, lovely pixel art and UI, but the story did kinda R/wooosh me, hah. Well, I understood it, but rather it kinda didn't feel like it fit well for me. I won't say exactly why for sake of spoilers, but the big moment just completely missed me, but granted I don't think I was the target audience for this being that I usually make games and art rather than buying or finding them likewise I am usually big fan of, well, having my own agency with things. All in all, I will say the movement could go for a click & hold, but aside from that ya' made quite a nice game here, Mate. Well done.


I guess you could say that really, pushed my buttons.


I can't wait for more. This was a really fun game.


B865 wants to see how this continues.


I feel so called out at the browsing history part... Guess I really do deserve to be b895.




not really 18+ but it was very good and I cant wait for the next one


This was the best game in Strawberry Jam 5, hands down.


I already said it elsewhere, but as someone who lives a short drive from the Innovation Zone, this hits quite literally close to home!

Very well done!

Thank you so much! I figured I'd throw in a few real-world references. :)


Do so hope this gets continued <3 felt like it ended right as it finally got started


Thank you so much! I do have vague plans to treat this as a sort of prologue, but nothing concrete yet. The title is a reference to Stellaris, and the setting is meant to head in the direction of a Rogue Servitor civilisation. We'll see where this one ends up going.

While nice, what really bothers me is the Rouge Servitor part. Having played Stellaris quite a bit it seems to me to be quite the opposite, instead of being  a utopian society it appears to be going in the direction of a dystopian one. Rouge Tormentors instead of Servitors. This is primarily because it requires them to act in a manner that consideres hurting people to be "Helping" and helping them to be "Harm". Ultimately working on a sort of Anti-Mov instead of Asimov, where the robots seek to harm humans and teach them to want to harm themselves as they ultimately do the protagonist.

That said, despite getting a negative reaction from me I do think its very well done. Although if you DO continue it then it could stand to see things go back in a more... genuinely empathatic direction for the plot, instead of a self0destructive one. That's just my viewpoint on it though.

(2 edits) (+1)

I get what you mean. This is ultimately a kink game; in those, there's always a fine line between being a bit spicy and being dangerous. That kind of thing won't appeal to everyone.

For what it's worth, the idea would be that those who would be happier as post-human servitors can join the drone collective, while everyone else can remain human and live in comfort and ease. (Lots of humans in the garden area!)

The protagonist is (meant to be) genuinely happier in that community, and it's (meant to be) a much nicer place than the corporate-sponsored city itself. I recognize that it's a bit ambiguous in the game itself, partially because I kinda ran out of time towards the end, but it's not meant to be harmful.

Thank you for the comment, anyway! It's an interesting topic, and something I'd strive to make clearer in a larger game.


that end was honestly kinda creepy, the way it called out to the player by the characters name, the self referencing that as he played a horny robot game i played a horny robot game too...

I figured that might add some spice, since the game does play with videogame conventions a little. Horny and creepy are often adjacent, it turns out. Thanks for playing!


This was such a cute game! The story really got me hooked and left me wanting more in the end. great job! I love it!

Thank you so much!