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This is not, strictly speaking, a fetish game... but it's pretty lewd. This means 18+ only, thanks! Made for Strawberry Game Jam 3.

You are a journalist, tasked with reporting on the floating city-state of Avalon. The island is meant to be under sanctions, which makes travel awkward, but the public is always hungry for news about its vibrant nightlife; its world-class high-tech industry; its utter lack of ethics in research; and its environmental devastation. Also, animal-people. There's, like, otter-people and horse-people and cat-people. Other kinds, too.

Anyway: You rented a room at a local hostel and got to business. That was yesterday. And today, the police kicked down your door and dragged you off to prison.

Install instructions

Just download the HTML file and open it in your favourite browser.


Shark Crime Squad v09.html 481 kB


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Very good game! 
Great way to spend 30 minutes, which is all you need to see everything~
Wish that it would get more content, author has made a very interesting setting!